Education Development Project

It is our hope that providing communities with access to higher education and associated resources will:

  • Develop local leaders with the skills to re-establish a functional community and break the cycle of violence
  • Address the broader psychological impact of trauma
  • Address the environmental legacy of war
  • Improve opportunities for employment

Community University

Our team seeks to partner with community-based universities and educactional institutions. Our trauma education model can be disseminated to promote long-term rehabilitation of severely traumatised populations. Trauma management conferences or seminars can be run several times a year for traumatised groups including ex-child soldiers, front line health workers, police officers and the military. Students will receive higher education, leadership training and trauma care at this Boarding School.

The Education Development Project is currently in its initial stages, and we invite corporate sponsors for the above projects. For further information please contact our Chief Executive Officer, Dr Jennifer Dawson, through