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In partnership with and at the invitation of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL), TraumAid International has been invited to assist in fighting fear and promoting an environment of peace and reconciliation.

After experiencing oppression and powerlessness for so long, reliance on outsiders for help further embeds dependence and frustration. Thus the approach recommended by TAI in fighting fear is to educate and skill at a community level. A recent study from Palestine by Veronese et al (2012) confirms, “to promote positive adjustment to trauma and stress and reinforce protective factors in children, clinical efforts must be directed towards families, groups and more in general towards the entire community”.

The community approach used by TAI in conflict zones has been shown to be effective in: promoting the breakdown of stigma around trauma symptoms; skilling the community in managing their fear and mitigating their trauma symptoms; and empowering the community to bring healing and positive change from within.


For the past 70 years the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel has resulted in generations of children growing up into adulthood with fear as their constant companion. There have been four wars and two intifada (uprisings) during that period of time. Since the second Intifada in 2000 there has been an identified increase in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (Gaza Strip and West bank) of night raids, curfews, poverty, torture, home demolition and diminishing access to paid employment, medical services and education (refer to Veronese et al, 2013). This experience of unpredictability, uncertainty about the future and ongoing violence produces a range of fear related disorders. For example, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, aggression, isolation, paranoia, learning difficulties, sleep problems and a wide range of physical illness are all associated with ongoing fear.


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