2017 projects undertaken by TraumAid International will focus on implementing trauma training into Haitian communities, though partnership with local educational institutions. The project will be intended for traumatized children in several schools, especially with “Restavek” Children (domestic workers, responsible for working with no pay and living in dire conditions), orphaned girls, and handicapped kids.


The success of the model developed by Dr. Jennifer Dawson has been illustrated by her ability to successfully implement the theory in communities worldwide. This model will continue to be used by Haitian communities as they develop their mental health programming independently of TraumAid International.  


Books and furniture will be donated to the remote village library to help the children and community to get acquainted to culture and to good education. The needs of the community in Haiti are substantial. Poverty and trauma are primary factors that prevent a high quality of life. As Haiti faces chronic poverty, is regularly hit by natural disasters, and political violence causes heightened trauma.



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