Live Again

Live Again is a registered community-based organisation in Northern Uganda. Its mission is to promote healthy family life in a district affected by over twenty years of war.

The organisation offers programs and services for community trauma recovery and rehabilitation. Live Again provides:

  • Trauma Management Workshops
  • Emotional refuge for various traumatised communities including widows, orphans, and the physically disabled
  • Programs to foster the restoration of family life, cultural practices and healthy community functioning
  • A rotating micro-credit program to enable self-sufficiency

Live Again is thriving, and each year the organisation expands into new communities across Northern Uganda. Land has been donated by the local Mayor for a central Live Again site, and construction is in its preliminary stages. Training and administration of micro-credit, and a contact point for HIV/AIDS sufferers, rape victims and other war-affected individuals will be conducted from these premises.


Live Again SACCOS was launched in 2014 with a vision to become the leading SACCO promoting prosperity of members through enhanced savings and access to convenient credit.” its mission is “To mobilize financial resources and provide services to members through competent and professional human resources, appropriate technology and best management practices in the dynamic competitive environment ensuring efficiency and sustainability”.

The Sacco’s also aim to increase the income of both Live Again and its target beneficiaries for sustainability of the organization’s programs and development of beneficiary households respectively. The SACCO has registered good progress since its inception by undertaking the following activities: Member registration, capital injection, & micro-credit.



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