New Life Recovery Initiative

In the Bukavu region, it is reported that over 150 women are raped each day. Women are raped by rebel soldiers, often in front of their families. A common practice is the gang rape of a woman in front of her family, before killing her husband and sometimes her children, and burning her house and village. Rejected by their communities, they flee naked from their rural homes to fend for themselves in the city with no means of survival. These women have been raped of their dignity and their livelihood. However, together with TraumAid International, we can restore the light of hope within the lives of these women.

The New Life Recovery Centre is currently under the arm of the Anglican Church. However, the program heavily relies on the supported of TraumAid International and the local community members of Bukavu. In 2004 and 2007 respectively, two local women, Mama Charlotte and Mama Cecille, were trained by Dr Dawson in trauma management skills. These two women successfully manage the New Life Recovery Centre, and through their love, support and teaching, many rape victims are again living a life of hope.


New Life Recovery Project for Rape Victims and their Families

These women need assistance to not only recover from the rape experience, but to rebuild their entire life. Children conceived in rape also require support as they are often abandoned and stigmatised.

Once psychological functioning has been recovered, life skills, vocational training and Trauma Management Workshops are provided to women, and the people who may support them (including hospital, church and school staff, and foster families).In addition to educating and providing a refuge for raped women and their families, the New Life Rape Recovery Centre also plans to open a school based on the successful model of the Baraka Academy for Orphan Children. The school will be developed for children whose mothers are attending the New Life Rape Recovery Centre and will also be open to fee paying students from the Bukavu region.


New Life Education Programme

By 2009, TraumAid International seeks to pay the salary of one full-time teacher. The education program will be run on the New Life Center grounds until enough money can be raised to begin construction on a separate school building and to pay for more teacher salaries.



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