Police Force Training

POLICE STREET CHILDREN INTERVENTION- The Democratic Republic of the Congo


Trauma training workshops were carried out by Dr Jennifer Dawson for police officers in 2008. It became evident that the police were having difficulty managing the sheer number of street children in the region, many of whom join violent gangs and are trapped in a cycle of incarceration, release, and re-incarceration. In addition, the police reported that they are feared and despised by the community, because of the association individuals have with uniformed officers who were responsible for atrocities throughout the war.

Through this program, street children will be involved in mentoring and recreation activities with the police force. This will provide the children with a healthy refuge and sense of belonging, replacing the refuge they currently find as members of violent gangs. This project will reduce crime in the region, and reduce the stigma attached to police officers. In 2008/9 Police will research individuals, motivations for activities of anumber of gangs, after analysis of data, the police will begin an intervention of socialising with and mentoring street children through regular games of sport. During this time 100 street children will find a sense of belonging, stability and purpose.



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