Quilt Instructions

Use only 100% cotton Fabrics. Left over and brightly coloured fabric are great for children.
Use ¼ inch seam allowance throughout.

  1. Cut 56 8” squares.
  2. Join squares in 7 rows of 8.
  3. Join rows together – you now have a rectangle 7 squares x 8 squares (measuring 53" x 60 ½”)
  4. Cut 2 strips of fabric 2 ½” x 60 ½” and join to long sides of quilt; then cut 2 strips 2 ½” x 57” and join to top and bottom of quilt. The quilt now measures 57” x 64 ½”.
  5. Cut wadding and backing 2” larger than quilt top all round ie 61" x 68 ½ “. We recommend a light wadding for the quilts as they are used in hot conditions.
  6. Place the 3 layers together and pin in place, taking care to remove all wrinkles.
  7. Quilt in the ditch or use your preferred method of quilting.
  8. Trim all edges.
  9. Cut 3” wide strips of fabric and join to make binding strip 250” in length.
  10. Fold binding strip in half widthways and press.
  11. Place the raw edges of the binding and quilt together, right side up and stitch in place: mitre the corners as you go (leave approx 3” free not stitched down at the beginning and tuck this in at the end to complete).
  12. Fold the binding to the back of the quilt and slip stitch in place by hand.
Although this is the basic design a great way of using up bright scraps that are less than 8” in size is to sew them together to create a patch. Blocks can be created out of triangles, squares, rectangles and strips, then sewn together to create a quilt. Different size blocks can also be used (eg 5” or 10” blocks) and the adding of different sized borders will result in the required quilt size.
As long as the finished quilt is 57" x 64.5” feel free to use your creativity as you sew these beautiful quilts. They are a special gift of love and are greatly treasured by the children who receive them.
For further information please contact TraumAid International at office@traumaid.org.