The Centre currently provides trauma education, literacy, income-generating skills, and a rotating micro-credit program for war-affected individuals. The Centre also serves as a meeting place for displaced people to continue their cultural practices with surviving members of their tribal groups. 

The civil war, which has ravaged the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 1998, has been identified by the United Nations as the most severe conflict since World War II. Many communities across the DRC have experienced massacres, torture, displacement, sexual violence and child abduction. However together with TraumAid International, we can help to restore the light of hope in the lives of those in dying need.




This Development Centre seeks to offer “tumaini” – hope – to a community devastated by war atrocities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


The Hope Centre is a large complex that houses a variety of income-generating projects. These projects include a bridal shop, Internet café and restaurant. Micro-credit projects for elderly widows and disadvantaged families will also be co-ordinated from the Hope Centre. 


These projects include a counselling service for rape victims and those traumatised by war and educational programs teaching local people vocational skills to improve employment prospects. Furthermore, a restaurant, café, bridal shop and an Internet café provide the community with safe places.  The centre provides the Bunia community with a safe place for refuge, recreation and relationship building, all of which is essential for community trauma recovery. 


Through the Hope Centre, local men will also gain vocational skills and improved employment prospects through training to complete and maintain building projects that will improve the productivity, co-ordination and cost-effectiveness of the Hope Centre and it’s services.



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